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me and my life
2014-08-08 04:28:30 (UTC)

aaj tak

Hiee till now everythg is goin well n good so dint cone to write but den i thot i shud hav good memories to write abt. Well, much good n all but ok ok life. Offc is lil stressibg me but dats ok.. love lifr is like up n down sujju makes me realiwe sonetimes dat he is not d one for me den sometimes he is so sweet dat i cannot think my lifr witout him, i knw i deserve much more good person dan him but still i love him. I spoke to his mom many time n found out all lies he lied to me. Infact every damn word was a lie.but hr loves me is truth his mom says. I trusted him so i belived his all words but i was not shattered nit shocked but surprised n pinched my self on brlivg him so blindly. He had lied me abt his operation his quiting to smoke n drink, he lies abt his health, his brain tumour, he lie to me n go out with frenz actually he shudnt n he has no need to lie me m dat understanding wit him he lied me abt his tattoo also. His mom said me all dis. He is troublesome but also gives me liberty to walk away if m not happy.. but i love him hr can change.. he will iny comapny with comibg responsblities dis is wat i assume. But with him he cone with many draebacks with police illegal background.. sone cases, no permit to drive n fly out of india...
I donno m right or wrong with dis all...i guess i shud do wat my heart says for now latter can me seen.
Sis is done with divirce n there is jo such drama of rina n sad n all. She hav some plans wic i belive will workout...god bless
Mom i love u i knw in dis all i dont giv u much time but i love u more dan anyone.. soon will do rebonding of my mom hair n ill giv minry for dat..hrhehehe.
Lifr is till now livable lets see cyaaaa