wet blanket
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2014-08-06 11:38:35 (UTC)

I hate when you pick out my..

I hate when you pick out my flaws.
i hate when you hit me, and don't even realise it hurts me. Maybe it just hurts me more emotionally, but then again i would still be overreacting.
i hate when you bring up things i tell you in private in front of people.
i hate when you purposely try to embarrass me.
i hate when you snap suddenly.
i hate when you take your anger out on me even when i have nothing to do with the problem.
i hate that i never get a smile in the mornings from you.
i hate that i always feel like i'm too clingy for you.
i hate when you're sexist or racist.
i hate that i'm not sure if we're going to last.
will it get better?

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