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2014-08-05 01:09:51 (UTC)

Kayaking, bbq smoker, darts

Haven't been on for awhile. Love life still non-exixtent so if you're wanting to read something steamy, you've come to the wrong post. I did take my Eddyline Kayak out to Lake Natoma last Sunday. It was fun. Actually did something that was healthy and had a nice workout. Experienced the day-after-muscle aches. lol.

I have a friend from the single parents group that went with me. We had so much fun. We both have new expensive kayaks however, we both suck at kayaking which made it more enjoyable. Colliding with each other from time-to-time. Going to places we never went to before. The scenery is beautiful from the lake. We see things that you never get to see or at least the view from the water is so beautiful.

After the kayak, we went to my favorite place called the Elephant bar and had dinner and drinks. This friend of mine is kinda a newer friend but we got to know each other. We have similar personalities and we both like to buy cool stuff (like our kayaks). I don't think it would be a good idea for both of us to go shopping at the same time.

My BBQ smoker has been busy too. I've learned how to smoke salmon, baby backs, reverse seared steak, tri tip, chicken, and oysters. Love that smoker :) My friend Susan brought back some salmon from her Alaskan fishing trip so I'll smoke that soon. It's a bitch to smoke salmon though. Prep time is about 27 hrs just prepping. Then the actual smoking is another 3-4 hrs depending on the heat. No wonder smoked salmon is like 8 bucks for 4 ounces sometimes. But when it's finally done, it's so freaking awesome. Not just for smoked salmon but everything in the smoker is better. I had a porterhouse steak reverse seared the other day and it was better than any steak at a steak house I ever had.

Dart league is happening this coming weekend. It's not anywhere exciting. Modesto... Still, it's better than Bakersfield. Now that place sucked big time. Modesto isn't far so I'll live. My darts have been it's best all season so we should do well. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden, my cricket game has lit up. I can hit 19s, 18s, 17s, 16s pretty good. 15 was a pain in the ass all season long but that number all of a sudden is an easy target. My 20s are still iffy, sometimes it's good, sometimes it isn't. This has been the best in awhile so the timing is perfect. I played two leagues this time so it'll be worth my while going there this time. Hard to focus on anything else with that coming around the corner. So kayaking is going to have to wait till after this weekend.

Looking back at my life this past 6 months, glad I got the drama under control for now. Don't get me wrong, drama exists. The ex is still prodding me with her trident. lol but she can't do too much damage being in Parhump Nevada. She did say she's coming back to Sacramento so we shall see how that goes. Whatever..... I'm only in control of my life so I'll do what I can to make my life better. Till next time diary :)