A lady in the crowd
2014-08-04 04:08:34 (UTC)

Understanding The Misunderstood.

No one should pretend to understand what he does not understand. Only fools know everything and understand nothing.

I'm an observer. A listener who observes the entire portrait, to the mildest details. Body language, facial expressions, and micro-expressions.

I did volunteer hours at Valley Convalescent today. My favorite elder, Roberto made my day. He's been dealing with leg pain and knee problems. I hope my dear Roberto gets well soon.
Underneath I know the disease of aging is catching up to him; it's slowly attacking his immune system.

I also had a memorable conversation with a schizophrenic.
"There is a young boy, who hasn't drank water for three days. He's crying; you should do something about it." the woman said.
"Where's the boy at?" I asked in wonder.
"At his house. I have many daughters but all of them dress like whores! Only one of them dresses properly."
I decided that was the perfect time to walk away.

I learned several memorable things today.
- If a person laughs to much, even at ignorant things. He's lonely deep inside.
- If a person speaks less but speaks fast, he keeps secrets.
- If a person eats in an abnormal manner he's intense.
- If a person cries over tiny things he's innocent and has a soft heart.
- If a person becomes angry over silly things or petty things. He needs love.

~Yours truly,