2014-08-04 00:51:33 (UTC)

Tears I Cannot Cry

actually, i cannot sleep and i don't have anyone to talk to. well, it's already 12:54 am and i am feeling a bit off since yesterday morning. i can' t understand why am i being like this. i mean, i am very cheerful, and funny but when sadness suddenly strikes you, you just instantly like 'BAM!' become sad. or i think lonely is more appropriate term.

have you ever been in love?
i think i have. and it hurts. it hurts as if everything just happened yesterday. and it hurts more to think that it was a one-sided love. i've been in loved with him for almost 6 years now. yes. 6 years. crazy right. i met him when i was in high school, and we parted ways on college, and still, it has always been him. i dont know if i can call this love, but i think it is. and what hurts most is when everytime i miss him, i can't even text him or call him or even miss him. all i have to do is to keep it all to myself. i feel like bursting. it hurts so much that i wanted to cry but i cannot. i don't know.

write me a letter.


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