A lady in the crowd
2014-08-02 21:08:56 (UTC)

The Truth About Depression

Evil, cynical, emotion's
Diagnosed with Depression
Doctor Drew,
Saying such cruel words.
Using ruthless vocabulary
With such ease.
'Depression only hopelessness,
'Depression just a sensation of worthlessness.

Doctor Drew these are only symptoms to you,
An "empty" mood
A lost of interest
My pleasure for my passions and hobbies
Where has all my interest gone?

"Just snap out of it."
"Your life is great. Why are you sad? There are people with real problems."
"Depression is only in your mind."

Prescription, anti-depressants,
Dr. Drew I swallow these pills
Now I'm an addict
I've been through
Paxil, Asendin,and Evavil.

My medications sound like a magic spell
But where's the magic?

~Yours truly,