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2014-08-02 04:43:04 (UTC)

Review On, "Lucy."

The Cinema is a realm for the imagination of many Directors, and a Writers creativity. If it's not the special effects, nor the World-wide famous actors starring in the movie, it is the story line beyond the Movie itself. Making us cringe, feel happiness, inspired, tremble, or something as simple as making us laugh. A two hour film can cause many emotions.

"Lucy." Directed by Luc Besson, did his research on how cells communicate with each other and what would happen if eighty six billion neurons fired at once.

Lucy is the first human being to unlock more than ten percent of her brain. At 24% she can control the cells in her body.
At 40% she gains the power to control matter.
At 62% she has the capacity to control other people.
French policeman asked in pure wonder, "What'll happen when she reaches 100%?"

I ask myself the same question. I have a fascination with the Human brain and spend much of my time doing research on the brain. Imagine a human being capable of unlocking knowledge that not even someone as bright as Albert Einstein was able to reach. My curiosity lingers and wonders if a person like that could ever exist. Has this genius been born yet? If so do they know what lies beyond the secrets of our brain and beyond the Universe?

~Yours truly,