A lady in the crowd
2014-07-30 19:44:22 (UTC)

My First Job.

I biked throughout the towns streets and I saw Yolanda.
"Good afternoon Yolanda." I said giving her a bright smile.
"Hi darling! How have you been doing lately?" she asked me in a curious tone. We chattered for what felt like half and hour and to my surprise she offered me a job once more. She will be contacting me this upcoming Monday morning.

Babysitting is being a tiny portion of another families life, and you're able to see how other families raise their children.
I recall, "A house full of lies," which was about my first job.

I experienced seeing an alcoholic mother abusing her children. They ran under the kitchen table. Screaming in terror they said, "No mommy! Please, please don't h-hit me!"

~Yours truly,