Journey of a FtM
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2014-07-30 19:13:58 (UTC)

Ok, So A Bit About Me.

I've already told you that I'm Trans* FtM and that I'm 15, but I haven't really said much else.
So here we go:

"Name": "Ethan"
Age: 15
Favourite Colour: Red (It would be black, but black is a shade)
Favourite Animal: Lion
Sports? I love nearly every sport with the lone exception of badminton. I don't get that game. I am a black belt in Taekwondo. I will play any "football" game (English, Australian or American). I have played basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, soccer, AFL, rugby, netball, softball, volleyball, I've done swimming, dance, Calisthenics, and I'm sure there is a few others as well that I haven't mentioned yet because I can't remember them off of the top of my head right now at this very moment.
Music? I currently learn flute, but I abhor my instructor so I'm going to drop it and learn acoustic guitar next year, just because I can and I want to (Yes, I'm a bit spoiled with this as well). I sing and am Soprano 1, I know there are people who can reach higher pitches than me but there are none that I have met yet. I once learnt how to play the keyboard and trumpet. My brother is currently teaching me electric base.
Dance? When I was a kid I participated in jazz, tap and ballet. Now I am part of a Calisthenics team (this is an Australian thing). I will be dropping it next year though as I no longer enjoy it and it is a girl-only type of sport.
Books? Heck yeah! I write them as well myself in my spare time [assuming that I have an idea at that perticular moment]. I enjoy fantasy, fictional, distopia*, adventure, magic, etc.... And I do enjoy the occasional romance novel.
Family: Mum, dad and brother. A great-grandma and two grandpa (one of whom I' have never met but will be meeting soon). I also have cousins and uncles and aunties.
Pets? Have had lots of fish in the past and once an axolotl. My brothers guinea pig died somehow and my guinea pig died of cancer. Currently have a cat and my brother and ai each have a pet rabbit (mine was a birthday present from a friend whose rabbits had had a litter).

I'll tell you more about me as we go on. I'll be trying to update this diary at least once a week, even if it's only a paragraph.