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2014-07-23 20:09:26 (UTC)

7.23.14 Wednesday

Rushed to court after leaving his place. Pissed when his mom argued with me. Also Paul asked for his stuffs back. Fine, let's just break up. I should be happy. I know I'll be sad for a while but I'll find a replacement soon to ease the pain. Sam is not the one. Office. No headache today but still can't concentrate or not energized. Like a cloud in the head. Og to have pap smear, also birth control and breast tenderness. Eyes look worse than yesterday but I think they will turn out ok tmrw. Pap smear. She said the breasts R fine. I don't know. Saw him. He said ok take his clothes. There were two other ppl but I guess he oked we break up. He is worried someone got out gonna hurt us. Waited for release but only ID and necklace. I have to try to get the watch back. Waiting for his call.
My god, I think I still love him. So happy when he called and said he thinks he treats me good. Even if I started to like Sam and like spending time with him but it's only because he is not here. I feel so sad when i thought we broke up.
Sam tried to have me over but I didn't want go. I want sleep in my own bed, get up to go work, heal the eyes,

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