A lady in the crowd
2014-07-24 07:07:24 (UTC)

Suicidal Bully.

Suicidal Bully.

No one hears his shrieks of agony
Twenty one people pass by
Take another punch weak child
No one listens
"I love you."
Another comforting lie.

It's not the hit's a child endures

Simple for you to say Counselor
insults are nothing more than
Pronouns and exclamation marks.

He ponders on a restless night
relentlessly thinking
Exploring the desert he calls his mind
Discovering a drought,
There's no sign of life.

"I hate my weight
My smile's crooked
My eyes look lifeless,
I despise the color brown!
My hair never has the capacity of looking right."

In my short lived life I've never
felt so lost
I consider my bullies
my only friends.

Years wasted down a gutter
away into the past
the final day has arrived
Where an empty desk appears
The scent of gun powder
fills the classrooms atmosphere
Suddenly sorrow spreads.

Weak child
Take the weapon
Pull the trigger
Claim it's the World who started this
In reality, you're the villain!
This was all caused by your
negative state of mind.

Yours Truly,