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me and my life
2014-07-23 16:38:33 (UTC)

Life is going....

Life is going good na na not good OK OK Types. all i am worried is for my sisi. her nothing is right. NO job, not married life, no kids, i get so so damn worried for her & for mr for mom for sujju also dad abt my future oooffff m so stressed...
hope for best wat else can we do?
i spoke with sujju's mom yest n came to know many hidden lies of sujjit but m not angry on him infact i feel like laughung hehe i love him but some wer i knw that he is not the one i deserve someone more dan him i doono i mayb wrong. but i love him so does he.
lets see how life goes on . whats in destiny will happen rest is all in god's hand. :)
cya all i wnated to write more but wanna clean bed and wannna talk to my baccha.
cya gnsdzzz