A lady in the crowd
2014-07-21 18:02:30 (UTC)

Origin Of War.

Uncle Bill is a Sargent. He's currently in a far away land. Then theirs, Uncle Alex, who's a Ranger in the U.S Army. He's currently living in Atlanta, Georgia's military base.

I imagine fighting in a war that I don't comprehend. Picking up a gun and leaving my family for over a year. To risk life itself and to put myself on that line. To see your companions in the Army die before your eyes.
"To be part of a battle that I don't understand."

The cause of war is Humanity itself. If only Countries were to spend less effort in inventing new methods of destruction. Yet like in the movie, "The Planet of the Apes." There shall always be a character fascinated with the idea of war. Just look into the past and ask the Man who invented the gun.

Bad Dreams

When you send a lad away
To a foreign hot land
To fight in a war he doesn't understand
When he comes back
He brings more than just a tan.

He's probably not okay
He's probably not all right
He's probably in a dark place
Whether it's day or night.

Governments & media
With their pack of lies
Will never tell the truth
But try to convince you otherwise.

It feels like my eyes
Have been stretched wide open
Now and then then I have trouble coping.

Images of memories
Imprinted on my mind
The man they knew before
Is the man they'll never find.

~Yours truly,