2014-07-19 16:02:42 (UTC)

Who am I?

People say that this is an important moment for most; the time were you find who you really are. At first I highly doubted that, but this summer I actually started to take the time to try and figure myself out. So just who am I?

I'm Arise, a teenage girl that is a mixture between tomboy and girly- my actions being a bit girly at times and my sense in style tomboyish. I'm also a bookworm otaku who has watched countless of anime's. I enjoy writing and i'm a decent artist. My mind is a different story though, I've been told countless of times i'm very mature for my age- not counting the times I act stupid/weird on purpose.

As I said my mind is a bit different, but how so? you ask. I look at things from others point of view and think of many different outcomes for as to why someone is acting the way they are. I question why this person is acting horribly to another; maybe because they are purposely distancing themselves to drive the other away because they feel they don't deserve it?

I am also a coward, i'm scared of countless of things; being left behind/forgotten, dying, growing up, rejection, rape, ect. I'm not ashamed to admit that, I've come to accept that over the years.

I said before that I have a mature mind for my age, yes? But what I forgot to mention was that being mature isn't always good, you have to handle things in ways that might hurt people even if its for the best.

What else am I...? A girl that is oblivious to her own feelings, yet can understand others easily. Despite being a closet romantic, I fall in love for people after a much longer time than most girls my age. All of the people I have ever had feelings for I never noticed until knowing them years.

Now I would like you to take a guess; What age am I? I'm curious... just how old do I seem after hearing all of this?

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