milky poodle and honey

2014-07-18 01:07:11 (UTC)

Conversations with my crush

.... or well half crush-half trying-not-to-think-of-it-that-way crush.

*a little background: Me and my crush sitting in a cozy room with no one else around. Now this probably sounds very romantic but actually, I was using his laptop and his lack of trust brought him there in the room to 'check' on how I don't interfere with his personal belongings which in my defense WHY WOULD I hmph!

Him; How long?
Me; *looks up from facebook* how long to what?
Him; *mildly annoyed expression* how long will it take?
Me; how long will WHAT take? (I tried to do the whole 'innocent' expression act but I probably failed miserably and looked like the child of a duck and a donkey)
Him; Are you purposely so annoying or do you have to work extra hard?
Me; Are YOU always so pissed off or am I a special case?

He did not answer. and it was silent. and getting awkward. If there's one thing I absolutely, utterly and completely suck at, it's awkward situations. Allow me to further validate this point.

Me; hahahahahahha
Him; O.o..? What are you laughing at?
Me; *desperately trying to catch my breath* it's just.. it's just.. your face!
He did not speak at this point, but his expression screamed
'what the actual frick'

Me; You were.. were.. *erupts into laughter*
Him; I was WHAT?
Me; odd! You had the oddest expression! (in actuality, he did not. This is just how I 'deal' with awkward situations)
Him; *VERY annoyed expression* Hurry up
Me; but.. but.. what were you thinking just now?
Him; nothing
Me; no, it was something.
I did not intend to turn around at this point, but I did and we stared at each other for a minute. Or maybe longer? I didn't count. (Does one count at times like these? It would probably be weird mouthing '1..2..3'..)
Him; *with a serious expression this time.. almost like.. like he was looking past me? (????)* You're better off not knowing.
Me; Ooooh is it another one of your 'dark little big guy' secrets that I, teeny tiny little me can't know of?

(If you have read my previous entries, he is someone older than me. Not by much, although he technically is an adult and I'm still not eighteen NOT that I care, of course.)

A knock on the door then interrupts our 'romantic' encounter and we go down for dinner.

Things I have learned about myself from this experience.
1) I definitely am not in love. Especially with an older dude who thinks too TOO highly of himself. Adonis on earth? I think NOT.
2) I definitely should not speak
3) I definitely should make sure I log out of my Facebook especially when it's logged in from my crush's laptop. Well, POTENTIAL crush's.

Sure, dark, brooding and mysterious is nice but.. but, well. Cake is nicer, I guess. How are the two related? Don't even ask.