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2014-07-17 00:51:01 (UTC)

'The Miss Popular'

We all have a Miss Popular in our schools, don't we?
We've seen her with her perfect hair and teeth and a swarm of admirers following her around.

Let me illuminate this topic with a different light that people omit to discern..

I was the 'Miss Popular' of my school. I was given heaps of attention over my physical appearance or/and personality, I do not know. (although I have my doubts about the former)

Have you ever wondered how you put us in the spotlight just to criticize us? Trust me, there would be ONE compliment followed by a dozen insults.
It feels like some episode on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, where people project you, watch you and then ultimately, *drum roll* throw stones at you. (I have not been thrown stones at and believe me if someone even dared to, they would have their brains in between their toes) ( obviously by ME but that's just a thought, in actuality I'd probably put a flower in their mouth ANYWAY)

Please do not judge anyone by their appearance or popularity. No, they aren't 'rude' or 'bad' or unkind. The shy little girl in the corner, the loud outspoken one, the one you call 'emo', the violent one, these are all terms keeping you apart from each other. You beat with the same heart.
You think with the same mind.
And if someone is unkind towards you, either
a) give them a flower and tell them to smell it or
b) secretly put a love letter in their backpack. It'll make them realize they are loved and the best way to handle negativity, is not with fights or arguments. It's with
*drum roll with intense dramatic music*

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