milky poodle and honey

2014-07-16 00:01:19 (UTC)


We went out for a lovely stroll outside because the weather has been kind recently and stretching your legs out in the nature has wonderful effects on the soul.
All was rainbows and sunshine until I decided to rant and exaggerate little emotions to an extreme with a million words (bad habit) and zoned out into well, nowhere while my feet continued to walk ahead. In my journey of talking to air, I argued over how I (present tense) was better than I (past tense), and left behind my siblings.
My little expedition led me to the bushes where I almost stepped on a puppy with the mamma dog right there. No, literally RIGHT there.
You can't emphasize on this enough but RIGHT under my foot. Why did I pause? Why, my little sister screamed of course.
Followed by a 'slowly, slowly back out. Now'
I, on the other hand, still was grinning ear to ear not knowing what all the commotion was about until I saw the mamma dog glaring at me.
How, dear readers and future self, does that make me dead?
Allow me to explain.
If I was to step on the dog, it would inevitably bite me, which would probably result in rabies. Would I inform everyone else (those who failed to see the spectacle) that I was bitten by a dog? Of course not.
Those who did see the spectacle, (those being my little sisters), would be bribed (by me, of course with chocolate) not to tell because my parents would kill me if they found out. (figuratively speaking, it's reciprocal love don't worry)
SO this brings us back to, I could possibly potentially have been bitten and had rabies had I stepped on the dog which would ultimately mean I would die of rabies (if the dog HAD rabies in the first place)
I now declare myself half-dead.
Well, potentially, possibly, maybe, half dead.