milky poodle and honey

2014-07-17 20:31:53 (UTC)

Things that DON'T define you

Dear future self (or whoever is reading this) you are not defined by..

Your weight. Your body is sunshine and raindrops, spirit and energy... It is NOT (emphasize on the word) muscle and fat. It is NOT (keep emphasizing) shape and structure. You are composed of the morning dew and smell like blooming blossoms.. What you see in the mirror is a work of art. Don't ever think of it otherwise.

Your preferences. Tea over coffee? Summers or winters? Whatever you pick, is something you own. Not something that owns YOU. Never allow your preferences to be more than mere opinions. Do not keep nourishing them, for you will end up watering these with negativity and the unwillingness of letting them detach. You can change your preferences, it's not scary. Trust me. You can keep them, that's alright too. But remember, they are not you.

Your physical beauty. It's always better to be a breath of fresh air than a spectacle for the eyes, don't you agree? Be bright, be sunny and walk like you're magic because you are castles and mountains, your voice is the lullaby that puts all worries to sleep.

You are so much more than simply 'enough'. Do not let the amount of times you've faced rejection define your self worth. Do not let the amount of friends you have define it, either. YOU define you. YOU keep you. YOU own you and no one else can make you think otherwise, unless you allow them which in most cases we do. Subconsciously or consciously.

The only power you should have over someone is to make them feel better. Spread love and accept love.