milky poodle and honey

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2014-07-15 19:35:12 (UTC)

Is this love or am I bloated?

I fell in love the first time when I was ten. Or maybe 12, how old is one in third grade?
I fell in love with someone who pulled my hair, picked fights with me and thought of me as a boy. (for a little girl trying very hard to be girly, that was highly offensive)

Ultimately, I fell out of love presuming there was no chance. To my unfortunate luck, no one informed me that's how boys show affection.
I felt nothing, he still did.

I fell in love the second time when I was fourteen. He was someone who showered me with compliments and constant attention, whispered words of love and promises of adventures with a smile as soothing as coffee after long humdrum days..
To my unfortunate luck, again, no one informed me that's what boys call dallying.

Had I not been constantly misinformed of boys' different types of fondness, I might have been very lucky in love. Not entirely, perhaps, since I live through the 'embarrass yourself in front of your crush like it's the last day you'll live' disease.

Terrible disease, no cure apparently.

Which has led me into questioning myself, and I shall question you, too, dear readers..
Are you truly in love or just bloated? You'd be surprised how easy it is to confuse the two..