A lady in the crowd
2014-07-14 05:41:52 (UTC)

Sailing Boat.

A warm breeze touches
A young soul, named Silver
In another perspective
It is felt as a cold breeze
To an elderly soul, named Rusty.

Some children are open minded
While some elders are closed minded

Rusty recalls ancient memories
'The moment thee stumbled upon grief
'The moment faith was gone.

Rusty's beauty wore away
Over the years,
Her charm was torn
She stopped believing
Had no companion,
She died alone.

'Together we stand!
'Forever and ever!
A young child chants

A look in her eyes
Glistening imagination,
A noble heart of innocence
Not a single white lie
Was spoken from Silver

"It's destiny not choice"
Chattered nonchalantly.

"It's choice not destiny!"
Silver shouted in return.

As Silver ages
She keeps her open minded mentality polished
So it'll never become Rusty.

~Yours Truly,