Live my life♥

me and my life
2014-07-12 16:39:13 (UTC)


Hie... things are pretty stable n unstable yeah...
job is ok dokies types as said before. no sales expecting in this moth or else ill b kicked out of office mayb. about love well things are turning up lil complicated now. sujju is al of sudden behaving fishy... i find something is der wic is not disclosed m afraid that inspite of excepting him d the way he is and with his past i shud not spoil my life. if u compare i am a clean n he is full of filth. he has spoilt his life . with his true love for me he also brings in lots of limitations like many cases, no permission for out of country, many bad notorious frenz. i feel safe with him but these things makes me really go tense. now he is come up with new thing that he wants to buy his own flat n wanna get married with his own money for which he wants me to wait for 3 yrs. mom is not happy abt this. so do i. i dont say that i dont wanna support him i absolutely want to but i also have to see abt my self. lets see what happens. phewww...