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2014-07-10 21:40:55 (UTC)

to new beginnings:)

to: the guy i once loved and would have gave my entire life to, the guy who made me feel like i was the only girl in the world, the guy who gave me reason to live and most importantly, the guy who made me happy and made me smile everyday.

so.. here i am, i now wake up feeling free, no more waking up and feeling bound by the shackles of what once was our "relationship"... i can honestly say that it was hard getting over you, but thanks for making me move on, i would never regret anything we had or did together and i thank you for every smile, every laugh and with that comes every tear. you were my inspiration, my reason to live, my reason to fight and my reason to keep holding on to that thin thread that kept my head above water and gave me breath. you have allowed me to realize my self worth and that i can live without you. i thank you and for that i am eternally grateful, without you, i would not have been alive today. you were like an angel, there for the time that i needed you the most. i know i wasnt the prodigy girlfriend or even anything close to that, im sorry i didnt meet those standards. however, if i made you smile through any of it, i dont regret it. your smile is the most beautiful sight ive seen to date. please do keep smiling. it is simply amazing. and to conclude with this entry, i honestly and sincerely hope you find someone who can make you smile every day, please you and keep you happy.
thank you for everything

goodluck for your future and farewell

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