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2014-07-07 21:12:40 (UTC)

Darts and Kayaks

Well, I finally did it. Ordered my kayak. 2,400 bucks and that's after I haggled for a discount and a free accessory. Sheezz Louise!! That kayak was pretty expensive. Anyway, I have to get that going when it comes in in a couple weeks. I have a State park annual pass so I should be hitting the lakes and maybe a river or two. I really need to lose some weight and I'm hoping I can do some fishing in this kayak.

We're also near the end of dart season. I have two leagues. Both of them doing pretty good. My darts have been the best I've seen it in a long time. I'm ready for the big Tournament this August.

4 more weeks of class and hopefully I will be Vmware certified. If not, no biggie, I work for the State so I'm not getting any more or any less money.

Love life? Non-existent. I think this lady friend Jenny D may be interested in me. She's been chatting with me and asked me to go kayaking with her but it's hard to do without a kayak. A real kayak and not my inflatable.

Going to be another busy week with work and school but we're doing a camp again this weekend. This one is to Kidd lake. gong to do some fishing on this trip.

No word fro the ex which is a good thing. She always seem to be able to fuck with my mind or at least try to. Nothing positive ever comes from it. I always keep expecting her to try to sick me for child support even though the kids aren't biologically mine. Silly as it seems, I know she is one to try it.

I'm pretty excited about the things I ordered. I have an electric smoker coming along with my kayak and more fishing gear too. Man!!!! It's great to have a good job where I can buy shit I don't really need. At least some things in life is going ok :).

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