Games of Life
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2014-07-06 13:33:37 (UTC)

I want

When i see pictures of him i wanna bite his neck. I wanna kiss and lick every inch of his muscular body. I wanna please him in any way possible. I wanna have him next to me in my bed. I wanna have him hugging me while we're watching tv and me teasing and touching him. I wanna hold his hand under the table when we meet each others parents so he won't feel nervous. I wanna give him hugs and slow lingering kisses when i feel so. I wanna confort him when he's mad or looks worried. I wanna encourage him everytime he feels he's done something wrong so he won't feel bad about himself. I wanna be the reason he smiles very morning. I wanna feel proud of what he's accomplished and help him do even more. I wanna be the woman he loves and admires and respects. I wanna mean the world to him. I wanna be the one he misses and calls everytime he's on tour. I wanna hear some love talk coming from his mouth, dirty or clean. Right now i wish you were here with me, you know i can fight the feeling.

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