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2014-07-05 13:06:03 (UTC)

May be I just need a friend..?

Oh God!!
I belong to a society where having relations with opposite sex is considered something more than sin...
And I am a traditional girl. Though I have been in university and in co-education, but I never tried to be friend or frank with the opposite sex.
Now, I am a freelance writer. My profession don't allow any outdoor activity. I have lost all my female friends one by one. And virtually, I do not have any friend to talk to.. to discuss what I feels or to hear how others do feel.

It doesn't mean I remain quite stressed or depressed. I am chill in my own way. I enjoy things. I love things.

However, I am a reserve sort of girl. Can't ask for friendships.. It seems embarrassing to me.

I have tried to make a few new friends.. just for chatting. But it turned out to be a worst sort of experience. I went chatting websites. But there they all talk about sex and the stuff related to it. Nothing clean. Though I am not opposed of talking of sex but it makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel awkward and odd. And ultimately, it ends in end of chatting.

At times, I feel so alone and desperate. I want to have some sober chatting with some mature guy but I don't get one of the type I want to chat to...

What do I need? Do my wants are normal? Do you people would also have felt like the same if you were kept under "perpetual house arrest"? Am I under perpetual house arrest in the names of traditions? Okay, all is fine..
Why do I feel uncomfortable when I talk to someone on chatting websites?