2014-07-05 09:34:03 (UTC)

Oh God!! Why I waste so much time??

I don't know what is the right place to write a diary. May be a diary it self?? But no... I always fear that my mom or sibling may read my diary--- oh no no.. I don't want this.
More often than not I do write on MS-Word, and then delete everything. It makes me feel like feeling!! In a machine like life, writing a diary soothes me.

Well, I am Oom from Pakistan.
Struggling to make a living for my siblings and parents. I am a freelance academic writer.. Oh really, Yes I am.
I want to be a bureaucrat. But being bureaucrat is not easy. I have already taken the papers. I hope everything goes well!! Fingers crossed for result..

I have been wasting a lot of time since last 3 or 4 days. No self assessment and nothing else. I must know that I need to work. I must work. This is the holy month of Ramazan and after that I need to take admission in university. I won't be able to manage time for freelancing then. I must work. I must earn. I must boost up myself. And my full energy should be wasted to make money.
Money--- to pay my university dues.
Money--- for my sister's education
Money--- to pay my younger brothers university expenses.
Money--- to decorate my room :) ah my sweet dream. I must realize it now or it will become never.

Well, what should I do right now?
Finish your cup of tea... take a shower... Get fresh... Do a half an hour walk... Make plans for the next... Set a target... And start working toward that.

Did you get it all Oom??
Yes!! I am going to give my best to the next week. I hope things will go better.
All the best.
Oh Allah please help me.

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