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2014-07-04 16:46:14 (UTC)

bad day n baki ka update

Yesterday n today waa really very bad day.i will not write wat exactly happened coz i dont wanna keep bad memories. But that really made me mad irritating and weak also. Today i also had not fight but bitter qit my bf sujju. We got angry on something n whole day we both were mum n asual i had to approach him.
Till now things r vry fine between us. We talk abt future lile marriage child n how we gonna understand eachother n all. I really miss him n long him to meet see hud n kiss. But his understanding ia not mature he gets angry but is gud say he has controled or has learnt lil to lessen anger. Still need to work out.
About job? Hmm who lovea goin to offc n if anyone den that might wat exactly dey wanted to di or they r paid high n less work hehe. My case is different iget bore to travel so far n also work is not falling under my interest catagory. I am pushing myself still.
I wanted sorted life. I feel sorry for myself that i cudnt achive my dream cudnt do wat i really discovered i wanted to do. Somtimes i think n make myself feel bad coz i workes hard n i had belige dat it will qorkout but unfortunetly it dint. I hav moved on but it still hurts.
Yest was sis bday. Mom baked really gud cake yumm choco she has expertises in it. My routine is fixed n i really need lil fun change. Qit sujit i feel lile m playing the role wic suppose to. To give an example he gets upset n i makeup him. I pamper him i knw its not a big deal or i did shud not come in loveut i also expect dat from him. Hmmmm lets see gow thgs workout. I do wanna marry him.
Des daya m leas wit god n i have a hitch of thia everyday. Thats bad dat i am not giving much time to god. God i love u n i havnt forgotton u. N thx for all wat i had n have now.
Love u mom sis god n sujju.