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2014-07-03 01:17:35 (UTC)

Guess who's in town?

Yes, apparently, the ex is here to visit her older kids and her son-in-law. I didn't know. I got a text saying she saw me with some white trash and she saw her riding with me. It was probably my dart partner. She is white and she's been a friend of mine for years now. We are just friends but I didn't tell the ex that. I figure I'd let my ex's imagination run wild. She has a pretty broad range of being evil so I'll let her run with it.

It's none of the Ex's business anyway and I know that. However, this pretty much also means that she won't let me see the kids. Whatever. I guess this is one of the tragedies of divorce. I'm not going to be hung up on that shit anymore. I did my duty and I will be there for the kiddos if they ever need me. I'll let the ex run with whatever it is she's doing. I'm sure I don't know the half of what she is up to. Probably up to no good. She wanted to come back to me but I'm sure she's still with her guy she was having an affair with when we were married.

I'm 1/2 way into my summer class and don't have the capacity to deal with drama. It's a pretty important class. If I take this test and get certified for this network course, I could potentially double my salary. I know a a vendor that I became friends with is making 300K a year. I'd be happy with 200K.

My darts are doing great. I'm ready for the big shin dig regional tournament this August. Hopefully we place. It's been awhile since I took first. I think the best I took recently was 3rd. I'm on two teams this season. I figure why the hell not. No kiddos so I get to play.

As far as my single parents group, that too is going fine. Lots of new people every time. I guess divorce is way too common. I think it was 50/50 as far as divorce rates. I personally think it's worse. The lady I last liked have met since that time. We actually talked for a bit. I understand her situation now. She is still knee deep in the divorce process. I don't think she'd have liked me anyway if she was already divorced but I can see why she isn't ready for a relation with anyone. I just understand her situation and I'll be leaving her alone.

We've (the group) are all of a sudden wanting to get into kayaking now. Don't know why but we are starting to grow as wanna-be-kayakers. A few already bought some kayaks off of Craigslist. I want one too but I started it the other way first. I bought crossbars for my suv. Then I bought the kayak racks. Now I'm ready for a kayak. There is one I really like but it's so freaking expensive. 2500 bucks for a kayak. It's an Eddyline Journey kayak. I mean really? It better know how to give head for that price :) jk..

Anyway, I do need a hobby that is healthy. Darts is so freaking awesome but it's not a workout at all :) Kayaking on the other hand is fun and I love the workout that I get. Maybe I can work on that gut I have. Oh yeah, forgot that there is this lady in the group that is also into kayaking. A newbie like me. She works at Intel in Folsom CA. She's been texting me asking to go kayaking together. Sounds good to me but I need a kayak first. lol The inflatable one i have just doesn't cut it. We did go to the kayak demo a couple weeks ago and to the BBQ at one of our friends house.

Lets see, I think that's about it. Can't sleep and I have midterm tomorrow. I guess it's today now. Almost 3:00AM and I also have to be at work in a few hours. I need to layoff the afternoon machiatto :) Dang... So, that's it for now. Going to try to lay down and hopefully fall asleep for an hour or two.

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