A lady in the crowd
2014-07-01 04:15:32 (UTC)

Angel Without Wings.

To touch but not to feel. My love for running was the only reason I woke up each morning. Now the most precious, gorgeous, season has banished in thin air. I feel like an angel who fell from heaven, Lucifer appears from the darkness and rips my angelic wings with his bare teeth.

This evening I have been diagnosed with heat stroke. Therefore, my family thinks it's for the best to stop Cross Country. Ever since I was a young child I adored running. I've been absent from practice since Thursday and people are beginning to question why I'm no longer attending.

I can write endlessly about this beautiful sport. It's so much than just running. I find myself feeling extremely vulnerable. I has electrolytes injected into my veins. I'll recover, then I'll be back.

~Yours truly,