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2014-06-28 18:28:00 (UTC)


As we begin...Our timing is perfect the way we start the brand new journey of a life time, A joyful intervention for a just cause for Love for life. So we say~ Lets make it a winner, and yes guess what? It sure was a winner.
A dynamic break through, if you would, a new frontier, we set out on the tides of our time to Lake Ann we go. The cutting edge of advantage worth sharing with our colleagues & peers...A desire for Loyalty & Trust. On a mission, we're on the right path & yes we realize our faith that we display works by Love.
The Sanctuary of Dreams & the spirit of adventure with an unlimited amount of comradery of such an awesome fun time.
Welcome to our Divine Nature. So therefore do you dare to embark on this ultimate opportunity; so yes, we together trust our faith that every time we revisit this sweet venue we are confident that we have successfully captured the moment...
Experience The Freedom and the adventure we shared...LAKE ANN.