A lady in the crowd
2014-06-24 17:31:52 (UTC)

Heat Stroke.

I was having a fun time at morning practice. We ran our three laps across the track field, did our warm ups and completed the long distance run. I was running with our dog pack and I was running along; it felt great to be running with the fastest cross country runners. We gave each other our high fives, and told each other the casual,"Good job!"

Suddenly I lost balance and began to hallucinate. I felt a burning sensation and the sudden urge to purge. The pain spiraled out of control and coach Rojas had to drive me home. My grandmother served me tea, which I drank the tea. I drank a pill and the agony increases. I began to uncontrollably vomit.
My Grandmother is a nurse and assumed the worst,
"What if this is a heat stroke?"
"No! These are cramps and they will pass, it can't be a heat stroke!" I cried out in denial.

~Yours truly,