deanne and Connor

our dialog
2014-06-20 00:16:29 (UTC)


i have been here all week leaving You messages, and i also reminded You that i had a class yesterday. i've been waiting for 1/2 hour and so it seems You're not going to make it this morning (Sunday). i hope whatever You're doing is fun. See You soon,



I have finally made it back babe....had a week of personal issues and inability to access the stupid app. I may have to create a new one and add you back in. Keep an eye on email too

I have missed you so BAD



So I am here to tell you that your messenger is broken. I have looked everyday and nothing.... I left you messages and nothing

I wasn't DOING anything Sunday but looking for you.........again, NOTHING.

Am not fond of the fact that you always think I blow you off somehow.

Please reinstall your messenger.