Experienced Life
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2014-06-16 20:51:10 (UTC)

I'm so stupid!!!

Why do I even think that things like Fathers day matter to psychos? I should have know better. Let me explain. I sent the "ex' a message asking if I could chat with the kiddos on Fathers day for a few min. This is over the phone. How stupid of me to think she would allow that.

Anyway, we ended up getting into talking about the shit she did to me in the past so of course, it didn't end well. All I wanted was just a couple of minutes to chat with the kiddos. Stupid me for thinking that was possible.

I ended up talking about something that happened in the past. While the kiddos were in Parhump Nevada, I sent them gifts. It wasn't much. They each had a giant gummy bear. This isn't like the ones you normally buy in the store. These were like 5 lbs gummy bears :). It took them awhile to finish them. Forgot the event but I just wanted them to have something to remember me by. At the time, I asked the ex if the kids liked them. She of course said yes and they were appreciative and they were happy that I sent them something. Just a little thing to remind them that I loved them you know?

Well, I found out later that the kiddos told me that "Mom" gave it to them and that it was from her. She stole the fact that I sent it to them and that I wanted them to make sure that I didn't forget them and loved them. But no, she had to say it was from her and stole what message I had for them and crushed it. Sure, it hurt when I and the kiddos found out the truth. Pretty much ruined the moment.

I asked the ex why she'd do that and all she said was she didn't know. Whatever. Some people really are better off if they simply past away by natural causes. The world would be a better place without them.

So now, I've been getting messages from the ex wanting to come back again. I get naked pics from here to lure me back. Sure, I'm horny as all men are but damn, I finally refused a naked woman's request. Must be pretty fucked up to say no to a naked woman!!!

Sure would be a lot easier to resist if the kiddos weren't in the picture or if I even had someone to share my life with but I guess I understand that the life I'm looking for isn't going to happen to me.

I'm just going with the flow until the flow stops going. It seems to be my destiny :(