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2014-06-15 16:28:21 (UTC)

A Devotional Intervention.

Therefore; So we say~ If God will bring us through it, how much more will he bring us through it. And wait upon his blessings and indue season we will reap a harvest of abundance & yes joy. Be able to forgive your self and realize that forgiveness id freedom of choice with morality and prudence. The intimacy of silence could be a sign of friendship to always portray a purpose to bring about well seasoned grace in speech to always pause before making a comment and to reflect. So we inspire insight helpful in boosting productivity to be up lifted not derogatory or negative. Remember to be happy and practice these skills in engaging the truth when in a group of colleagues & go for it! You do what is right in The Lord's site and every body will commend you for your input as a positive attitude....Therefore; The intimacy of silence, THANK YOU.

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