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2014-06-14 11:56:14 (UTC)

It Is Our Time

"It Is Our Time"

The moment has come.
I look into your eyes,
and the world vanishes.
All that exists is you and me
and this moment of moments,
the moment our souls will become one,
united in the bonds of love,
brought together by God,
who made us for each other.
I'm speechless. I'm in awe.
I marvel that the one who made
all of creation cared so much for me
that he would make you, my soul mate.

You are as much a part of my being
as the beating of my own heart.
When you hurt, I hurt.
When you cry, I cry.
When you rejoice, I rejoice.
Where you go, I go.
Wherever God leads us,
I will be by your side.
The one who created life
created us for each other,
and because of his saving grace,
not even death can part us.

- Author Unknown

My mother got this book on love for me and my husband on our wedding day. I never read it. That was three years ago. I just read this first poem today. These are lovely sentiments, aren't they? Can it be like that? I wonder if it's ever easy like it feels in the poem. Even for soul mates there must be struggles. There's that old saying "You may not be perfect but you are perfect for each other." I wonder even if that is true, or if it's hard work and commitment that makes it happen. Probably both. I know I love Adam. I think that he is perfect for me in many ways. But I have never felt those deep no holds barred butterfly in my stomach complete and utter sense of togetherness. My mind tells me he is the right person for me. I don't want anyone else. But the oneness I read about in books and others tell me about is something I can only imagine. Did I marry the wrong person? I don't think so. Is there someone out there better suited to me? Maybe. But we have two beautiful boys together which makes it impossible for my life to be perfect if Adam and I aren't together. I just can't help feeling that there's something missing. Admiration maybe? He doesn't wow my senses. I'm not enamored with him. I'm proud of him. But I'm not awed and inspired by him. I just don't know why. I want to be that couple. That couple where their hearts beat for each other and they get excited to see each other at the end of every work day. So this brings me back to my original question - is it an unexplainable connection? something that just "is"? Or is it something that can be worked towards and achieved through time? Maybe I'm just too cynical for love like that.