wet blanket
2014-06-12 10:40:58 (UTC)

i feel like shit because..

i feel like shit because sometimes Jacob gets really negative about like how we're all running to our own deaths, life fucking sucks, society is fucked . annd. sometimes i wish i was even enough ahah. i know i'm just a person but honestly for me he makes life worth it. I guess that's not the same for him.
i don't want to get into another relationship (friend or lover) where they just bring me down. Even though i seem to do that to people, ahah hypocritical as fuck as usual. now i feel like shit and i was in a really good mood at the start of the night. He's just brought me down a little and i can't help but let that affect me , i wish i was one of those strong people that just didn't get affected by people in negative ways. i should be less emotional really.
and i feel like no one has any fucking faith in me to succeed in the choices i want in the future.
i will get a 95 ATAR fuck them.