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2014-06-10 19:31:23 (UTC)


Today is a day like no other day to grasp and believe in our eternal salvation as a free gift from our Creator Lord, and to know that a new day is just a prayer away to becoming real in our lives. Something Super Natural has happened on the in side, A Spiritual Break Through; Totally made new each and every day of believing our Devotional that has been manifested in our destiny's by providing us by believing. To be fulfilled with confidence in our lives and will grow in to a mighty Strength to pull us through. Therefore; I have images of Hope with in me. I not only see God's Promises but I see them fulfilled in my life, Beyond Belief...Remember it will become more real by developing our faith in your confidence. So take hold of the flame and accept this free gift of total freedom as we are freed from the agony of defeat and brought with in us a new glory. So again we say, A SPIRITUAL BREAK THROUGH OF CONFIDENCE...

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