2014-06-08 17:21:03 (UTC)



When seeking wisdom, feel free in your search for this phenomena. First Love is unconditional and second never question our trust. The ways we perceive our realities is to observe all the beauty among us, To cherish & believe~ A good thing to consider is learn to take patience and know that in due season the wisdom we discover is just a prayer away from becoming a brand new day...Therefore; The opening Key and Love is unconditional... Don. Larsen.


When learning to exalt your life, take a stand and be more independent and stop relying on people for your love...Although I do love my heavenly father which I put first. Ive learned that in order to br a gift to someone you truly love we need to take care of our selves first and be exalted with a humble mind..Therefore; Yes I am thankful for my heavenly Father, Lord.


I will always find the right path of faith to follow...Along the way we seek our heavenly father's guidance, to always trust our love for the right gift of eternal protection and to know we are safe. To know we are free of fear and happy as my personal choice...The values submit faithfully to our prayers a life which ultimately has it's own reward like Morality and virtue in our attitude towards life with dignity, Therefore; The Phenomena of integrity...You are not alone. We are loved by the people who matter the most, let it go and have an Independent Dream.