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me and my life
2014-06-08 17:28:47 (UTC)

sunday funday!!!

Today i decided to go out n buy some lingeries but, sujju called me and said we will meet today. then we met, he was looking cute... for first time as his looks he style specially beard is not gud acc to me. today he dint do that.. so was looking very nice n ekdum macho types.
i hugged him,, kissed him, smooched him thrice :*
we talked masti cuddling. wen i whisper in his ear I LOve You! he was like zonked hehe he close his eyes n feel my love u. how adorable. i love him..

but now he said that he broke is bone as truck passed over his leg.. now ders confusion leg or foot? ooffoo dis man i tell u..

anyways was gud day. i feel so nice after hugging him. :) he kiss me so cutely on cheeks n forehead... i get destress. ahhhaaaa the feeling i get. hope everythg goes well n we get married n live happily :)