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2014-06-08 16:04:09 (UTC)


A lot has happened since the last time I wrote. My niece who stays with us had an altercation with my wife. I was at home at this time and when I did go and separate them I got the usual abuse and stuff. My niece alleged my wife hit her so she called the police and my wife had to go with the police to the station. I did go with her brother to the police station to check her wellbeing. Eventually she was released without charge and my niece has gone AWOL. Quite ironic she has to face question on violence given that she is claiming custody of the kids because of my alleged violence which is all a plan.
Now we are talking as we have to look after the children between us as we still share the same house. We are talking more and working together for the kids and the house. Our final divorce degree should be in 3 weeks and we have a date for custody case in court in September. We are truly at crossroads. I am trying to listen to myself.

My finances are not making things easy for me. It is a constant headache. I worry too much about my current financial situation which is not good.
My business targets are on-going, it will be a hard slog and I will need to be prepared for it mentally