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2014-06-07 22:09:50 (UTC)


As we already know, our Hope is strong and completely intact in our lives. When we really need to stop for a moment to review & focus, we slowly realize the gift is genuine and active to tear down all the fiery arrows of adversity. To tap into our strength...We have our rewards as the Love we share; Authentic. No need to fret over it as we will always follow the right path of faith to pull us through always. When reflecting our lives honestly, we have always had our devotional thought of peace, to be in tune with our lives as simply serene. We realize that we all go through faith and to understand as normal for everybody...
Like said earlier we can use this strength & hope to be right with our Lord and savior and the community we live in as Bold. We set our foundation on the rock, guaranteed. So we say; Trust, live, reflect, focus and begin our revival as a family of dedicated believers as love itself, beyond belief...So do tap into your dreams and understand no body is fighting it, so we are free to experience the rythem of grace and explore the right path of faith and take up your shield and extinguish those fiery flames of torment and live a free life with all Love and respect for your family in peace & harmony...The Right Path of Faith. ENJOY...