2014-06-01 18:06:54 (UTC)

Social Life

"(One of those) Crazy Girls" by Paramore

[Preparing myself for the Paramore/Fall Out Boy concert I'm going to pretty soon xD]

Sunday June 1, 2014 7:15 PM

Okay I'm listening to ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5 - Hopsin. I love it. I rediscovered it, since I first listened to it in like December. Seriously, though, this song is so fucking genius. It's really angry but I MEAN HOPSIN IS JUST.... I can't describe my feelings. This song just makes me laugh because it's so true.

ANYWAY. I wanted to write because... I feel better. I feel less sad. I went to a pool party yesterday and wore a bikini and two people said my stomach was flat. Appearance shouldn't matter but that made me happy, even if my tummy was in fact sticking out a bit.

Also I lack waist. Like, my waist goes in a tiny bit. I kinda wish it was tiny. No, I really wish it was tiny. Mehh.

Why am I writing this entry? I don't really know. I guess I had stuff to say. Not anymore.

Sometimes being empty of thoughts is a nice feeling.

Oh, yeah. So Ethan is now calling me captain queer and is constantly asking me, "WHO IS CHRIS?" because a guy named Chris told me through facebook that I was pretty. I tried having a conversation with him but it felt like I was the only one trying so I kinda gave up, even though I really liked when he said I was beautiful. If you can't say things other than "lol" "you're beautiful" "cool" "haha" in a conversation, I'm gonna stop anmswering you.

I have a hard enough time as it is replying to people.

I was gonna talk about how there is no true love, there is simply strong love and determined people, but now I don't feel like it.

Maybe next time. I feel silent. Probably because I've been doing art all day. I'm actually going to post my art on my blog, so you should check that out.

Doooo it.

K bye.

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