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2014-05-30 23:07:35 (UTC)


In a quite little space I find great rest for my soul. A serene feeling of inner peace, in the midst of it all I seek out my destiny. A way and a path for me to explore my step by step friendship with my savior the Lord my God. Mercy me; a forgiveness and a joy to know I am loved and cherished as his treasure in this heavenly kingdom. I bow my head in awe of his powerful guiding hand to pull us through every single day within this remarkable journey of wisdom and joy for the rest and quietness of my bleeding sacred heart. I find my way...


An adventure of beauty;The rythem of grace;The gift of life; A passion of fire; A sacred domain, together we explore the journey, A hope fore tomorrow and a joy for the moment, only one day at a time. We can be so strong yet so fragile day by day. That's why we have this hope to pull us through in adversity. A sanctuary of joy and a dream. Therefore; we have the confidence & strength for a new tomorrow as we kiss the morning sky...So we say, we are totally in tune with the different passages of life...