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2014-05-29 01:14:07 (UTC)


So we say "to cherish & believe" in this devotional passage and to know all his wisdom, hope, trust, salvation, and joy are all characteristics of a God given treasure of wealth and prosperity. and then we say; We are more than partakers in this sanctuary for curiosity just like the two edged sword piercing right to the very purpose of grace. Useful to revive a kindle and spirit of harmony in our lives. His qualities and guidelines of leadership is in the example to surrender to our trust as the holy spirit abides in us together with eternal praise, peace & prosperity.
For there is Hope and a joy...For there is a kind heart, there is a way...For there is a purpose, there is a transition... For there is a timing; our heavenly rewards...Always love your faith and to submit in to this beautiful season of humility to his heavenly devotional promise. Together we keep the promise of peace with unconditional love & forgiveness...To live by the sword of a new revival with in our own peaceful sanctuary. Therefore; Inspiring thought...Welcome To The Divine Nature. to cherish & believe...