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2014-05-28 20:54:02 (UTC)


Why? It's so unfair for the rest of us that are still here for them! Media release such terrible things but they ''forget'' all good stuff about them.. And that's all the others see. Why? They form a completely different opinion than the real one. Those who used to support, now they turned to be ungrateful. They think that they know but they don't.. They have no idea how it feels like to hurt someone's feelings. And watching them get hurt, hurts me too. I can't stand seeing someone get hurt or me hurting somebody.. The pain is like a wild beast that is sitting right beside me. It goes wherever I go. I really hope they don't pay much attention and they'll get over it. I hope they're fine.. And i wish I was there to wipe all of their tears away, give them a hug, comfort them and make sure they know that some of us are still here supporting their choices no matter what.. But I think i CAN do this even mentally.. At least there's something..

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