2014-05-27 03:28:01 (UTC)


Always remember, behind every cloud is a beam of light. During our challenges we really need to learn how to communicate our faith to the ones we love & trust...Trust that faith as a powerful God giving tool to use effectively towards a positive attitude...It's our choice to respect our own beliefs about our faith. To trust our personal choice to live a good life and seek out our happiness which is ultimately is our choice. Therefore; Share all your inspiring thought & ideas with your peers & always know you are free as the mighty eagle to explore this beautiful passage effectively. When the storm clears we can ignite the spirit of passion for good, & realize it was always there for our own achievement and success. Remember God has a plan for you to enjoy the rest of your life. So we say; The purpose driven journey & the secrets of providence. He will always pull us through until the morning sun peeks it's way into this glorious new day. Take courage and trust your faith. Always know you are deeply loved...Therefore; TRUST YOUR FAITH~ Inspired by Don. Larsen.

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