A lady in the crowd
2014-05-26 22:25:32 (UTC)

Yesterday and Tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon,
Yes, that's when I recall feeling the blues
Suddenly grey clouds began to drench the skies
that is when I stumbled upon an old friend
His name was called the, "Past."

Stop haunting my relationship with the "future" now
I've learned my lecture,
Now why won't you leave me alone!

Life isn't a Novel
I see the pages turning
The chapters are changing
My hands aren't turning pages

Past you anger me!
Past stop giving me the classic devilish smirk
I see you taunting me!

Past I don't speak of you
You know your always on my mind
Now please understand
that I'm with the, "future," now
And I'm saying goodbye.

~Yours truly,