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2014-05-25 21:26:14 (UTC)

fremont street and coughing up blood

I went down to Fremont street today. I live nowhere near there, and there's so many people in Las Vegas, I feel very comfortable divulging this information.

If you've never been to Fremont street before, let me tell you, it was a shithole. Absolutely the worst. Up until a little while ago it was the easiest place to find drugs, homeless people, cheap motels, prostitutes, but hey, it had some nice scenery- and still does- so if you ever wanted to get a break from the fucking eyesores that are palm trees and ugly red stones then Fremont was your place. Fremont recently got remodeled, keeping its psuedo-downtown charm and young vibe while filling in all the old abandoned brick buildings with little bustling hole-in-the-wall places and such. It's really growing, and I hope it keeps the crowd that it currently has and isn't somehow filled with... oh, I dunno, the sort of people you see in the rest of Vegas, old white dudes with golf caps on and polo shirts. They kill the mood and clog up the streets, you know. But I guess I can't dictate where people go and where they don't. I'm just hoping the old men stick to their high-roller golf courses and don't really overcrowd the little coffee shops that used to be quite places.

But you don't really want to hear about that, I think. There's not much for me to say today because nothing really happened (god, what a boring way to start a journal) but I am a bit worried about something, so I suppose I should get that off my chest.
Another thing I guess I'll divulge, since it's bound to come up somehow, is that I am indeed a minor. Not too young but not old enough to rent an apartment. And I do live with a guardian (I won't be specifying whether we're blood related or not) and I am dependent on them, but not for long.
Anyhow, my concern is this: I am sick. Well, that's not the worst of it, just a clogged nose, sore throat and a bit of pressure on my ears and head.
But I've been coughing up phlegm (not gonna pretend like that's not super gross, because it is) and blood's been coming out with it. Like. In the mucus. This has been going on for two full days now and I don't intend to tell anyone because I feel fine. I'm going against the words of my friends (who I have told about this) and I'm not going to visit a doctor 'till I pass out or nearly drop dead.