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me and my life
2014-05-25 12:44:44 (UTC)


Everytime i had tiff wit sujju i wud think that everything finished but no we wud get back together n wyd laugh on our stupid fights...but this time it was different it wasn't any fight he said me something so gross n horrifing that i wud neva thot in my life. And with vry obvious tone i cannot stay with a peraon who can do such thing... its really vry disturbing.
I am not able to say that i wanna walk out but ill say him definately. He knows that i will n i want to as its obvious. But he thinks that i am mean in this matter as i am seeibg his past n i am not reapecting his present that he has changed for me. But wat if i sleep wit 10 guys in past n now i dont n i say i changed for u will he be ok with that idk so. Even if i am not great like him to do that.
I am sorry. Its not easy for me but its absolutly not accpetable. Thank god that it was just days i was with him. I am gonna miss everythg as everthg i did with him like spending time,masti,love,romance was first time for me. I saw many dreams for bith of us. He wanted to marry so do i. All this thibg is really gonna affect me in bad way. But i have to take a dicison. I have to move out from his life. Wat all bad he did in his past life i accepted him which is being great on my part as i am clean wit clean past. But afta wat he said yest was horrendous. Cruel act. One mistake no not mistake one crime has snached away me from him. Even afta kbowing his bad deed all i want him to be safe healthy n happy. I donno i alwas wished for this for him. I am afraid he misght do somethg in anger as his anger is his big enemy.
God give me strength.