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me and my life
2014-05-22 16:24:03 (UTC)

life is good

yeah! life is good these days.. what i wantd i got that in one go! yup!! i got good job, bf and my first kiss :D how excited i am... but there are still some things for which i pray to settle down soon n will i have faith in god :) that abt my sis i want her to settle down n have her own sweet blessed family. this is all i want.

About my work? hmm its goin on good... ppl der are good, work is also good i just need to be hard working and productive and salary will also be good... lets c how it work out. yest pranu came for interw n thg dint happen i mean he wont b join coz of some salary issue. pheww..

About sujju i love him ... but he really makes me think about him ... he is lil different mayb with me only.. he is vry much attached and sensitive towards me.. i hope all goes good :)

everythg is fine n m happy that finally i started writing good thing of my life in diary.
i have got new addiction.. watching kissing videos online..ever since i kissed him i got kissed :P i want to learn how to coz i am not i mean i neva kissed so.. hehe watching is fun but doing is like all wet wet thing gross eewww donna mayb we kiss in wrong way or donno lolzz chalo now also ill b watchig some kissing video hope i dont land up watching porn :p actually i shud wat say..but frankly i love watchig kisses n cuddles not the riding thg lolzz hahahaha...

cyaa tc keep smiling n have faith...
god bless!